Organify Himalayan Crystal Salt: 100g Shaker Fine


This fine pink Himalayan salt is rich in flavour and contains a multitude of trace minerals. Organify Fine Himalayan Crystal Salt is 100% natural and non-iodated, making it a healthier alternative to ordinary table salts and artificial seasonings. Packaged in a handy shaker or a refill bag, Organify’s Himalayan salt is an essential ingredient for your clean-eating kitchen.

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  • Fine pink Himalayan crystal salt
  • 100% natural & non-iodated
  • Contains trace amounts of essential minerals
  • A source of magnesium, sulphur, iron, potassium & calcium
  • Available in a grinder or bag

How to use fine Himalayan salt:

  • Sprinkle over your food for natural seasoning.
  • Dissolve a teaspoon in a glass of filtered drinking water & leave overnight, to make a cleansing, balancing tonic.
  • For a relaxing bathtime soak or a gentle exfoliating body scrub, use Organify’s Coarse Himalayan Salt Crystals.


  • Available in: 100g Shaker & 1kg bag


  • Himalayan crystal salt (non-iodated)

Country of Origin:

  • Product of Pakistan


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