Organify brings you the magic of Himalayan Crystal Salt

Our Himalayan Crystal Salt is 100% natural and non-iodated

We are local stockists of fine Pink Himalayan salt and the coarse is 2-5 millimeter, which is made from the finest Himalayan crystals.

It comes in a 1 kilogram bag as well as 100 gram bottle with grinder for coarse and flip cap. The 1kg bag can easily be resealed and stands up on its own, so it can be stored without repackaging. The beautiful pink colour in the 100g bottle adds a gorgeous pop to liven any table.

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This is a mineral-rich, non-iodated alternative to ordinary table salt. You can use Organify’s Coarse Himalayan Crystal Salt to flavour your food, or add it to your bath for a relaxing mineral soak.

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